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Jun 27 / Nick Teel

Leprechauns, Unicorns, and Property Marketing – A New VHT White Paper!

Brian Balduf, Co-Founder & Chairman of VHT Inc., shares his insights on  the state of real estate marketing in VHT’s newest white paper.   Brian explores what he calls the “myth of marketing real estate to consumers” and shares what agents and brokerages need to do/avoid to make it a reality!Buying Real Estate OnlineThe Internet has evolved into the perfect medium for real estate shopping:  it’s quick, convenient and highly visual.  It’s interactive, social and provides access to almost unlimited information.
So why hasn’t the message changed with the medium?  Why are real estate web sites still taking data from old databases like MLSs and simply dumping it onto the web for public consumption? Consumers spend most of the buyer-life cycle / home-buying experience online and most of that time they are unrepresented. Therefore, agents have to market properties directly to buyers and sellers. But most agents’ tactics are the same as if they are still just sharing info with other real estate agents.

The MLSs (multiple listing services) are good for allowing sales agents to share their listings with other real estate professionals.  But the information they share is primarily what other agents need to know about a property and is formatted for their use: picture quality is not important and the descriptive copy is jam-packed with real estate jargon and abbreviations. This is not content for consumer marketing.

Click here to read the full white paper