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Sep 22 / Nick Teel

‘No Follow’ Tags Getting in the Way of Your Web Traffic

We recently read a great post on Tech Savvy Agent regarding backlinking and why it is important.  Essentially, backlinking provides inbound links to your Web site and the more inbound links you have, the greater your chances of showing up higher in organic search results.  They also explain how to determine if the site to which you’re looking to post your backlink has a ‘Nofollow’ tag assoicated with it.  If they do, the backlink is rendered useless. 

But ‘Nofollow’ tags affect real estate agents in more ways that just backlinking on blogs.  ‘Nofollow’ tags can be found on very popular real estate sites like and Trulia as well.  With those virtual stop signs present, your Web site posted along side your listing has no effect– in the eyes of a search engine, you are not referenced as the authoritative source on that listing. 

Click here for an illustration and a little more info on ‘Nofollow’ tags

Click here to also read Tech Savvy Agent’s post regarding backlinking–it’s a good one!