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Jan 17 / bschwartz

Photography: The Most Visible Reflection of Your Company’s Brand A Brokerage’s Essential Guide to Getting the Most out of Its Visual Assets

A new VHT white paper by VHT founder, Brian Balduf has arrived. The topic at hand: Photography. Namely, good photography. It’s obvious from even a cursory glance at many real estate Web sites that the industry in general tends to overlook the importance of good photographs. Consumers don’t. When even a used $50 coffee pot on e-Bay has stunning, striking photos, consumers expect that sites marketing the most expensive item they’ll ever buy – a home – would have at least the same.






VHT has created this essential guide to ensuring that your brokerage has the most stunning and striking images in your market and is visibly seen as far superior to your competitors. We’ve divided the guide into four main categories: 1) getting great photographs, 2) displaying great photographs, 3) managing your visual assets, 4) getting the most out of your visual assets.

Click here for the full paper.