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Apr 2 / Nick Teel

Photography Tip

The sun is shining (well, at least it is in the Chicagoland area :)), the grass is getting greener, the temps are getting warmer… Spring is HERE!!  Woo hoo!!

Our photography tip this week is pretty simple– when spring is in the air, use it to your advantage!  Updating your winter exterior photos with fresh spring exteriors breathes new life into your listing with all those great spring colors. 

Beyond just looking nicer, if a potential buyer starts their search in the spring and they’re seeing mounds of snow in your exterior photo, but birds singing and trees budding out their windows, the listing might give off a vibe that it’s been sitting for awhile…even if it has, you probably don’t want your marketing to offer that as a first impression.

For those who prefer to take their own photos, one quick tip when shooting your spring exterior (though this is really true for any time of year)….always shoot with the sun at your back!  If the sun is behind the house instead of behind your back, you’ll have a shadow over the front of the house, which will take away from that bright, spring feeling you’re going for.

A great example of how going from winter to spring with your photos can breathe new life into your property marketing!