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Apr 10 / Nick Teel

Podcast: The Notorious ROB Discusses Photos, Copyrights, Liability with VHT Studios CEO, Brian Balduf and VP Marketing, Sarah Anderson

As a follow-up to the recently published blog post Now’s the Time to Shield Your Real Estate Brokerage from Intellectual Property Liability, VHT CEO, Brian Balduf and Vice President Marketing, Sarah Anderson sat down with The Notorious ROB to discuss the various challenges that real estate brokerages could be facing regarding photography, copyrights and licensing if they unknowingly sign agreements without reading the fine print.

Some third party companies are asking brokerages to sign agreements that get their listings online for free. Before signing anything, Brian, Rob and Sarah are urging real estate brokerages to pay close attention to certain clauses so that they protect their interests and protect themselves from other parties’ copyright violations. Listen to the podcast below to learn more and get in on the conversation.

Listen to the Full Podcast Here.