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Mar 12 / Nick Teel

Photography Tip

This week’s photography tip isn’t about actually taking or editing the photos, but instead about preparing the home before taking the photos– which can make a world of difference!

Preparing your Listing to be Photographed:

Clean up the clutter! Anything that you would not find in a traditional model home should either be put away or temporarily stored out of site.

Try to clear out as many people and pets as possible before the photographer arrives or before you begin taking photographs.

Make sure the property is well lit. Turn on all of the lights / open all of the blinds. Include oven hood light, and spot lighting for artwork and cabinets.

All bedding, comforters, pillows and bed skirts should be properly aligned.

Keep lawn trimmed and edged around driveways and sidewalks.

Remove all cars from the front of the house and trash cans.

If your MLS does not allow you to have signs in your photographs, please remove them prior to the photographs being taken.

Have we missed any?  Send us your favorite  ‘preparing your listing for photography’ tips- we’d love to hear from you! 



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  1. Dorothy Hatfield / May 28 2010

    Very great post! Honestly.

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