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Jun 21 / Nick Teel

Real Trends: 10 SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Here is a great list of ten do's and dont's that pertain to your Search Engine Optimization.  Always a good idea to keep up with current trends and tips on SEO.  Don't just rely on what you learned in the past, you could be hurting your website immensely, and Travis from RealTrends brings up some great don'ts here:

1. Build a Flash Only Website

The days of Flash only websites are probably behind us (thank God). Having said this, as a web developer it’s surprising how often I’m asked, ‘Does that include Flash?’

Search engines cannot read content embedded in Flash files so you shouldn’t use Flash to build websites. It’s perfectly all right to have a flash feature box or slideshow or something like that so long as the rest of your site is built with HTML.

2. Hide all Your Content in Images

This is another sin of the past, although you do still see it occasionally. If you embed your navigation and page copy in images, search engines will not be able to identify this content. Use text-based navigation and semantic mark-up instead.

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